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Khu Wellness Center Activity Zone 2

Wellness Center & Bellissima Park

The high-class renewable-energy Wellness Center is the pride of Venezia Beach offered to its elite owners. The impressive design by environment-friendly materials will open up a modern therapeutic resting space and exquisite enjoyment.

Khu Central Clubhouse 1

The Glorious Central

This is the heart of Venezia Beach where there are many high-class facilities, such as the Club House, the Sky Infinity Pool, and the Sky Bar & Lounge, where you can immerse in the water and chill out with the unique views of the aerial bar.

Specially the 5-star Sheraton Binh Chau Resort & Spa Hotel will create an enchanting experience which can satisfy any visitors.

Khu vui choi ngoai bien

Beach Activity & ArtWork

Here you can have endless excitement with many challenging activities of Jetski surfing, banana float, parasailing, board rowing, and Snorkel diving. You can also enjoy the unique local cuisine and music which promise to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Khu Catania Lagoon Water Park 2

Catania Lagoon Water Park

A specialty of Venezia Beach, the saltwater lake park is where you can improve your health greatly. A series of water games and performing arts inspired by Italian style of living will satisfy all the needs of new experiences, including a spectacular performance stage, a beautiful artificial beach, cabanas, the Beach Bar, a restaurant and water games area.

Khu Lagoon Resort 2

Lagoon Resort

This 1.8 ha facility has the largest saltwater pool in the area, where the owners are cared for every minute to indulge in relaxation, to seek the balance for your body and to reinforce your health. Here you can enjoy a fun outdoor gym-yoga experience, feel the vitality of the sensory-nurturing water in the infinity pool, or just lay down in the relaxing spots by the water. You can also stroll on the landscape bridge to listen to the ocean waves.

Khu Plaza Public Arts

Public Arts Plaza

This is where the unique art works are displayed with an emphasis on the symbols of marine beauty: The Wishing Lake, The Whale Statue, The Water Blending Art. The plaza is filled up with Renaissance statues, souvenir craft shops, coffee shops, and foodcourts to help visitors fully enjoy the experience.


Fanciful Bay Wharf

Inspired by the ancient Lighthouse of the port of Alexandria, this 1.6 ha area is one of the places not to be missed in Venezia Beach. From the 50-meter high roundabout or the Panorama Tower, visitors can zoom in and enjoy the beauty of the whole project. They can also walking on 200-meter long wharf to the blue sea to enjoy the enchanting Vietnamese coffee or to watch outdoor movies and performing arts. The fun is really endless here.

Khu Marina 1

Marina Sailing

Bến đậu du thuyền định danh, khách hàng có thể dễ dàng di chuyển từ các tỉnh khác về đây bằng du thuyền. Dùng thuyền đi dạo biển. Đây cũng la khu vực có công viên đường đi bộ dọc sông Chùa thơ mộng.

  • Marina Sailing (Bến du thuyền)
  • Crystal Square (Quảng trường)
  • Arno Park (Công viên dọc sông chùa. Arno: 1 con sông thơ mộng ở Ý)
  • Outdoor Fitness
  • Artwork
Khu Carnaval FB 3

Carnaval Center

Khu mua sắm, ăn uống, biểu diễn nghệ thuật, …đậm chất Ý. Đây là khu mang tinh thần, phong cách sống, văn hóa và ẩm thực đậm chất Ý (biểu diễn nghệ thuật, nhạc nước, thời trang, âm nhạc, hội họa…)

  • Hera Shopping Center (Phố mua sắm)
  • Savour the Taste Center (Phố ẩm thực)
  • Iris Walking Street (Phố đi bộ)
  • Alive Festival Center (Phố lễ hội)
Khu Sport Club 1 2

Sports Club

A destination of the passion for sports, the area includes a variety of facilities and amenities for all ages such as Tennis and Outdoor Basketballs Courts and Kids Playground, where you can exercise in comfortable relaxation.

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