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0610 - 2021

Venezia Binh Chau, BW Premier Collection by Best Western® – Venezia Beach Luxury Residences & Resort

Best Western® Hotels & Resorts and Hung Vuong Developer has made the Venezia Beach – Luxury Residences & Resort the pinnacle of the million-dollar resort route of Ho Tram – Binh Chau by the luxurious collection of limited-edition permanent ownership real estate products operated under the 5-star brand Venezia Binh Chau, BW Premier Collection by Best Western® (BW Premier Collection Binh Chau).

BW Premier Collection Binh Chau is a deluxe brand under the direct management of Best Western® Hotels & Resorts, which belong to the global network of BWH Hotel Group® – a group that currently owns 18 brands of about 4,700 hotels in more than one hundred countries and territories worldwide.

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The collection of 681 low-rise products of BW Premier Collection Binh Chau, proudly located by the romantic canal, is a powerful “residence certification” of the most trendy upper-class owners.

The subtle and artistic design permeated in BW Premier Collection Binh Chau. Every product of the unique resort complex is covered in a splendid design which is harmonious with the beautiful coastal nature. For the first time at the prestigious resort route of Ho Tram – Binh Chau, the ingenious combination of two architectural styles of Art Décor and Venetian Gothic creates an Italian destination worthy of the upper class. These styles are characterized by theirs nobility and are aimed at bringing the elegance of Italian culture to the project – the first of its kind which will be magnificently presented between the two southern tourist capitals of Vung Tau and Phan Thiet. The villas are privately located and centripetally planned towards the center of the project. They are creatively nestled under the mellow green patches of the landscape and right next to the interwoven canal system which is inspired by the beautiful city of Venice.

BW Premier Collection Binh Chau is an international standard resort space where each house is fully furnished with high-class materials worthy of its caliber. The value of privacy is especially emphasized for the owners whose personal experiences we treasure the most.

The sight of the romantic canals flowing right behind each luxury villa and the beautiful view of the Venezia Tower inspired by Piazza San Marco – the illustrious symbol of the city of Venice – are the highlights of the project. The Glorious Central – the heart of Venezia Beach – is where you can find the world-class facilities and immerse yourself in the water or relax to enjoy the immense sea and sky. The Kids Club theme park is dedicated to children with hundreds of attractive games, while the international standard Horizon Convention Center has the capacity of 1,000 visitors.

BW Premier Collection Binh Chau converges the elements that ensure the owner a world-class lifestyle, prestige, and enjoyment. Most importantly, this is an asset that always increases in value over time. Private and unique in design and experience, BW Premier Collection Binh Chau is a masterpiece built up by the developer and our international standard experienced consultants. All requirements of personal experience will be fully met with a variety of options for dining, relaxing, and entertainment for individuals, families, or large events for tourists and business people.

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